Social Lean Canvas
Purpose. Impact.

Social enterprises come in all shapes and sizes and like all businesses they are fraught with risk and uncertainty, especially in the early stages of development.

The Social Lean Canvas gives us a way of structuring and making sense of our ideas and then validating whether they’ll work in the real world.

It is designed to be used with modern lean startup methods as the fastest, lowest risk way to develop a successful social enterprise.

The Social Lean Canvas is in active development and we're adding early adopters to the beta version of the app right now. If you'd like to play, enter your email and we’ll get you on the list!
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Very soon you’ll be able design your business model, collaborate around it with your team, and fully manage the process of validating your social enterprise vision.

In the meantime if you want to use the canvas, open the app to get all the instructions on how to fill one in. Then download the PDF version and fill it in offline.